Author: David Baker

60th Annual Excellence in Journalism Awards Gala

Join the Press Club of New Orleans as we celebrate 60 years of the excellence in journalism at the 60th Annual Excellence in Journalism Awards Gala on July 21 at the Jung Hotel. In addition to celebrating our 60th anniversary, we will also present Renette Dejoie-Hall, President & Publisher of The Louisiana Weekly newspaper, and…
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Press Club of New Orleans Finalists: 2018

The Press Club of New Orleans has announced the finalists for the 60th annual Excellence in Journalism Awards Gala. Congratulations to all of the nominees! See a list of finalists here.      

The Art of Journalism: Media in the realm of art

What is art? It’s a question as old as the practice itself, and one to which the answer was often found in print either in textbooks, artistic journals or solitary columns in the pages of newspapers. For those who live outside of art academia, art criticism and news articles in traditional news media about upcoming shows…
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Board of Directors Call for Nominations

The Press Club of New Orleans is now accepting nominations for its 2017-2018 Board of Directors. Board officers and board members are in charge of setting the club’s agenda, including planning and hosting activities, recruiting members, organizing events, setting long-term goals, etc. In addition, each member will chair a committee: Finance, Communications, Membership, Monthly Events, Awards, Gridiron, Professional Development, Student Development, Planning,…
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